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Jelqing: Am I doing it wrong

Jelqing: Am I doing it wrong

I’ve had a lot of trouble with jelqing from day 1. Basically I can get erect then after about 4 jelqs I go flaccid. I can’t see what I’m doing wrong.

I just want to pose this question to see if my logic is correct:
If I am jelqing I am supposed to be pushing blood into the penis. If I am pushing blood into the penis I am getting more erect. Therefore if I am not getting more erect while jelqing I am doing it incorrectly?

Are you able to stay erected for 15+ minutes, normally? If so, you are pushing too hard when jelquing: your erection goes down due to a protective reaction of your penis. Too much pressure is bad for many reasons, so avoid it.

Your not supposed to be erect when Jelqing, unless your advanced.. As far as I was aware.

About 2/3 of full erection when jelquing should be good.

I had a bitch of a time mastering jelqing. Rather than being one of those guys that would instantly sport wood I simply couldn’t maintain a 2/3 erection for more than a minute. Very frustrating in that during sex I can go hard or soft purely through force of will. It took me over a month and some mental gymnastics to get things squared away.

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I experienced the same at the beginning. Now (after 3 months) I can control the erection with my mind. The penis tends to get erect during jelqing, than I stop for 5-10 seconds, focus my mind to get the erection down and it works.

So if you go on with jelqing, session after session and with constant Kegels, you will increase your ability to get it erect and to control it. Just go on with PE and tune your grip, the force, the speed and let the penis adapt to that kind of exercise. Don’t worry it will not take long.

You can do some stretches before jelqs, this helps to get your penis “in the mood” to get jelqed. Mine does.

Wish you a nice journey with your best friend.


Thanks for the replies, very helpful.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Mental gymnastics

Please elaborate :)

This is a weird place to ask this question, but I can’t start a thread. When will I be able to start a thread?

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Myself I also have trouble keeping my penis erect.. Is it OK to use penis ring while jelqing? Like first have my penis 2/3 erect, then put on the penis ring to keep right amount of blood in there.

If you wear a penis ring or, really anything, it obstructs you from getting the full movement of the jelq. The jelq movement should start as far towards the base of your penis as possible, even starting the movement behind your scrotum, reaching as much of your inner penis as you can. That way you will be encouraging growth of your whole penis, instead of just the end. Try porn, or masturbating to keep your erection where you want it. I know as we get older, the soldier wants to take a rest, so you have to encourage him a bit. What I do is, do some jelqs, then do a couple strokes for pleasure to get my 80% erect, then some more jelqs, repeat.

Also, if you are having fun, jelqing doesn’t have to be such a chore.

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