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Jelqing , Am I doing it right

Jelqing , Am I doing it right

Hey I started PE ing last week I wanna know IF I’m jelqing right, after warmup and stretches , I get my dick about 80 percent hard do the OK sign, start at the base then work my way up to the glands, Just alternate hands like in the vids I’ve, seen is there a certain amount of pressure to use, I see Blood moving into my head , is that good enough should,I jelq the hardest I can that doesn’t involve any pain?


You should be doing it right.
Like moderators would say, read the forum guidelines (I don’t have the link), I think you should write with a perfect english so the multi-language translation works at it’s best.
To go back with the subject, I do my wet jelqs with one hand and it works fine, I don’t like using two hands because the habit doesn’t let me. It’s just easier to use one hand! The erection depends on what you want. Most say 50% erection works best for length, 80% erection for girth. I think any high-pressure jelq works for both length or girth.
You can see with my gains that 20-30 minutes of stretching and high-pressure jelqing will give you benefits.

Finaly, just do what’s best to you, because every penis is different and you’re the only one to know about what you need. Remember this: “feel the stretch”. It’s the secret of PE.

You don’t have to squeeze extremely hard on the jelq stroke. A firm grip and slow, three second stroke is all that’s needed. If your glans (head) seems to be receiving too much pressure, turn your hand over and jelq with the opening between your fingers on the underside of your penis (thumb toward your body). That will still put pressure on the sides of the shaft, where it’s needed, and not so much pressure on the corpus spongiosum (the ridge on the underside) which is connected to the glans.

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