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Jelqing after (intense) stretching


I’ve been going to 2 weeks, and when I have this problem I watch porno - 15 seconds and I’m ready.

I have the same problem with stretching too. I take quick peaks at the porno to get from 0% to 50%+ erect. I leave the volume off though, so I’m not thinking about porno when I don’t need to be.

Did the split work?

It seems to me that the harder you stretch the less effected it is. I think that is true of stretching in general.


Seems to be the ever existing beginner problem. I got it too.

Same thing happens to me. So after stretching I take a break about 2 3 min and just get some mental images and stroke till I get to 50-60%. Then it’s on from there and if I go below 50% then I start back to stoking and go at it again.

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It seems well known within recent discussions, in Thunders, that stretching straight up tends to cause weak erections whereas not with other directions. It has been suggested that when you stretch SU that you reduce the tension. Perhaps you should eliminate them altogether untill later in your conditioning.

It is possible that you are stretching too hard in all directions. You should be able to jelq at 50-60% easily after your pulling session.

Yes, if you have the time and the privacy you can do a split session.


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