Jelqing after extending, etc

I get a real good workout. I do 3 warmup strokes after a good massage after coming out of extender and then do 20 strokes with a bell curve like intensity. So strokes 9 through 15 are really intense with lower intensity on either side.

However, today I didn’t extend. Did a warm up before jelqing for about 5 mins. I was literally using the same pressure and number of strokes after an extender session but the intense “tired dick” feeling wasn’t there and I feel like I didn’t work anything. Then I pumped for about a hour (3 20 min sets)

I guess my question is how come I didn’t feel the “work” like after an extender session.

On a side note are metals supposed to make you get involuntary muscle spasms in the bc muscle and anal sphincter? I get these intense spasms since I’ve started kegaling.