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Jelqing affects urine flow

Jelqing affects urine flow

I have noticed that jelqing seems to cause urine to flow less easily for me, presumably due to constricting the urethra.

Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on how to prevent it? I don’t think I am exerting too much pressure during
Jelqing, at least no more than is recommended or appears to be exerted in the videos on this site.


Do you feel constriction soon after PE or during all times since you have started PE??
If you feel it soon after PE, I guess it’s OK cause you still maybe a little erect. Just like how you can’t pee when you have an erection. But, If you have this problem all the time during the day then you may want to see an urologist. Also keeping yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water should help.


Not just in the hours after a PE session - in fact it is a constant over the periods of time that I have tried jelqing. When I stop, things slowly return to normal over a week or two. It’s the main reason that I have never had a consistent run at PE.

Your jelqing too hard man.

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At what erection levels are you jelqing ? 50% 60% 70%80%?? I don’t thik you can go by the video posted on this website since the guy demonstrating is a veteran PE(I’m assuming) . Moreover there is no way to figure out how much pressure he is applying. IMO take a forth night off and reassess your situation and start PE > if you still have the pain I suggest seeing a Urologist.

Swollen prostate

It sounds like you may have a swollen or enlarged prostate. This is a common condition among men 30+ and is generally nothing to worry about. It may be coincidental to your PE. There are several factors which can aggravate or swell the prostate. Many antihistamines will do this for example. There are other possibilities too: maybe a prostate infection which requires antibiotics or some other urinary tract infection (UTI) like a bladder infection. In any case, if you have not experienced this before and can’t isolate a cause, by all means see your doctor or preferable a urologist and get an examination. If you are young, say under 40, it is most probably nothing too serious, but best to check it out. Also, keeping well hydrated is always good idea and my make your symptoms disappear.


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Jelqing does the same thing to me, it restricts urine flow. However pumping does the opposite and greatly increases the flow. This also effects you’re ejaculation flow as well. When jelqing without pumping I have machine gun like ejaculation. But if I add pumping in the mix, the ejaculation just plops out. Honestly I like the shooting better then the plopping.

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