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Hello all, I have known about PE for a long time. 2 years ago I started with jelq but I have never done it for more
Than 3 weeks or so in a row so no results of course. Then 2 month ago I really decided to get a bigger member.
And I bought a penis master, I used it for 2 weeks thats it because it annoying and to be honest it’s not worht the money.
So if you want a bigger member stick to jelq and the other exercises thats what I will do and this time I will
Do it the right way and for a long time like 6 month. I really think it’s possible to get a bigger member you just have to
Put time and effort into it and be patient.
The last to days I have Benn jelqing for about 20 - 30 min every day I do it slowly with a semi erection and I’m sure it’s
Going to make the member bigger.
I think my personal prob is that when I have been jelqing for 2-weeks I get tired of it and there by no results. But this
Time I will do it and I hope to be able to write you a success storie one day.

Right now my member is 16cm erected = 6.2 inch and and 4.5cm in diameter = 1.77inch. I would like my member
To be 18cm erected and 5.5cm in diameter = 7.1 and 2.16 inch I hope to get there.

Good Luck and Keep Jelqing!



Thank you guy’s

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