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jelq with full erection.. noticed something

jelq with full erection.. noticed something

Hi Hard-Working PEers.

I have started PE back in May. In the last 2 weeks I have started to put more intensity in my routine. I started off with newbie routine.. manual stretch, jelqing.. warm up and down etc. Now I throw in variations.

I love the butt pull where I would reach behind my butt and grab my penis through my leg and PULL BACK. I feel a good stretch of lig. Then last week I bought a PVC tube for added intensity. Now I can pull back with a tube right behind my butt so help stretch different areas of my penis.

Now here comes my real question.

I am more concerned with length. But lately I have started to jelq with full erection for like 5 minutes to end my regular jelqing session. I really want to increase thickness as well. I would jelq really slow so my penis is rock hard (and feel the pressure in the head). After the session I noticed that the tip of my pee hole has engorged veins right around the pee hole. The area sticks out a bit. But after over night, the veins subsided.

Has anyone noticed this when they do hardcore THICKNESS exercises like pumping and clamping?

PS: I am seriously considering getting a hanging tool for stretching. Looks like it is the best way to gain length.

I have gotten the same results when I overdid the jelqing in the past. I definitely do not recommend erect jelqs. I got a hard lymph vessel on the top of my shaft that way a few years ago, and to this day, unless I jelq reeeeally carefully, slowly and gently at 60% erection or lower, it comes back.

I got a pump instead to engorge my penis to it’s maximum

STARTING: BPEL: 5.9in EG: 5.0in

2016: BPEL: 6.25in EG: 5.25in

NOW (11/2017): BPEL: 6.7in EG: 5.3in

I also paid the price for doing erect jelq. Be careful kubchaser.

I never seen veins around the head.

Start: 5.75 inch BPEL 4.75 inch girth BSEG (Nov 1 2007)

Current: 7.4 inch BPEL 5.4 inch MSEG 5.75 inch BSEG (Oct 24 2009)

Goal: 7 inch NBPEL 5.5 inch EG=> New Goal: 7.75 inch BPEL 5.75 MSEG

Yeah, I think I will stop jelqing at 100% erection. It does feel good though.

I am, however, gonna try “horse440” squeeze since you actually trap the blood in the shaft to avoid engorgement of the head.

Erection jelqing is can be too much…

Originally Posted by Aznteddy
I never seen veins around the head.

Veins around the head? That is indeed unusual.

I would agree hanging is the easiest way for gains. It saves you the physical work from stretching. Oh and if you want to gain length first just do low erection jelqs. Long and slow.

I will also caution you against high erection jelqing. I practiced this technique at the beginning of my PE journey and became injured almost immediately. Not only was I injured for quite some time but I also feel like it hindered my long term gains. And I seem to get inured now far more often and more easily than the average person. I think its a great idea that you’ve decided to stop.

Besides the engorgement at the tip of my penis, I also noticed some discoloration in the tip area. Fortunately I am asian.. darker skin color kinda hides the color difference.

Does the darker spot near the tip of my penis go away after a while?

Yes, I gotta stop jelqing at full erection. Although I do like “horse440” squeeze as the goal is to squeeze the blood out of the head and trap the flow in the shaft.

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