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Jelq while Taking Shower

Jelq while Taking Shower

Where do you guys practice? Is it easier to practice while taking a shower?

In the past I’ve tried to do my jelqs in the shower because it takes care of the need for a good heat warm up, cleans up the messiness of using lube for jelqing and provides good privacy. It’s also easy to make it part of your daily routine, just hop in the shower, do your routine, and go about your day.

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I do it on the toilet. Jelq for about 10 mins using a vegetable oil and essential oil blend which means I only need to wipe off the excess oil and let the remaining oil get absorbed into the skin.

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I too jelq in the shower, I’ll put the heat to max while I sit on the side of the tub. I’ll soak a hand towel with the hot shower water and wrap around my penis for about 5-10 min then start my jelqs and kegels, thats all I’m doing at the moment. I want to try the rice sock method but I have to ninja my way around as I live with my mom and already I’m getting complaints about my “long showers” and how I leave the bathroom looking like a sauna afterwards. It’s only a matter of time until she finds the dirty truth!

I stretch on the toilet, after applying a warm washcloth, then I jelq in the shower.

I’ve been jelqing in the shower for over 1 year now.

Just like Thickhouse said, it is really a good place to jelq.

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Well I used to jelq while using the computer. The easiest way with petroleum jell.

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