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Jelq - what happens to my Willy

Jelq - what happens to my Willy

Hi again!

Well, I started PE around 10 days ago and in the beginning I was really happy with it - very high EQ, long firm morning wood, etc. Anyway, 3 days ago I tried jelq with (only) a little bit more pressure and since then my EQ is not so good (even worse than usual). Also, red spots appeared on the head of my Willy and now it even doesn’t look pretty. This doesn’t happen for first time, usually I stop with PE and after the break I continue with a lighter routine. My current one is 5-10min hot towel, 3*50 jelq, 5-10 min hot towel.

Right now I continue with lighter jelq, but I want to hear a recommendation from a professional:)

Can my Willy get permanently injured? What to do?

No willie will not be permanenty injured.

It is simply that you used too much pressure when you incresed it. And this caused the injury

So give your routine a break for a week or two until all the spots have gone. Then start again, but keep to the level you used before you increased it.

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Thanks, petitfaun!

The dots are nearly gone, now only the glans peels. I really don’t want to stop jelquing, because with all these breaks I just can’t keep PE for more than 2 weeks. Is it really necessary to take a break?

Wait until your EQ is back 100% and then start with lighter jeql.what’s good about using more pressure with jelqing and having sh***y EQ ?

I just thought that if I continue with lighter jelq, I could simultaneously enhance faster the EQ and enlarge the Willy. If I stop, I’ll be again at the beginning when I restart:(

This has also happened to me.I think I have been putting to much pressure and I am also getting more red spots just under my glans and my EQ seems to be dropping.I was also thinking about doing really really light jelqs to keep the work out going until next week when hopefully everything will be bk to normal.

Starting stats: 7" EL x 5" EG Current stats: 7.1" EL x 5.125" EG Goal : 7.5" x 5.75"

Hello again!

Well, one week passed and even though the dots are gone, my Willy still isn’t in it’s best form. Right now I’m a little bit sick and maybe this is the problem, but since I read that jelquing can cause permanent impotence, I’m very nervous.

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