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Jelq time.

Jelq time.

I asked something similar before, but I lost the post. Im doing the newbie routine, ive been doing it for 2 1/2 weeks. I do about 200-250 jelqs per session, but I take about an hour to do it. Is this going to cause any problems such as overtraining? Here is my routine for jelqing:

30 jelqs at a time, 10 at 80%, 10 at 60%, 10 at 40%..I start straight up and as erection goes down I go straight out then straight down. Then I get back up to 80% and repeat. Between each 30 jelqs I kind of massage and sometimes get carried away, and I do some edging in between. Just want to know if this is effective or should I try to cut back. Other than me having to make more time for my jelqing, is there any other disadvantage?

If you’ve got that pumped up appearance afterwords, then you’re fine.

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Looks OK but I would at least add a few stretches in the routine.

bird, I do do manual stretches..I do 30 second holds in all directions..I do about 10-15, mostly down though.

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