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Jelq technique

Jelq technique

Hi just had a question about the pressure of the grip when you jelq. Should I be concentrating more on the sides of the shaft or an even pressure all the way around. I ask because before I got membership I vaguely remember reading that it was bad to put to much pressure on the top of the shaft. I cannot find that thread now though so I may just be making that up.


Just do it slow and good

Hmm you need to put the same pressure around the whole dick and slide it to the top of the head.You’re erection should be 50-70% and don’t gripe to strong or to week you’re gonna see by you’re self.Some people say stop like 2cm before the had some say pass the head, you need to chose what you think is good for you!


Better 70%-80% for girth jelq, and 30%-40% for length-jelq.

Originally Posted by meiya777
Try to use the vac-hanger (VacXtender), you can make it by yourself easily, and you can have a very very strong pull-stretch (although not recommended) without thinking about the grip.

Just to answer your question, kegel twice and grip 0.5-1” behind the glans, this will fill your glans with blood and will help a better strecth. My best option is do your stretch in hot bath/shower.

meiya, put your hand out palm down——SLAP.

Now, never tell someone who is just starting to use any piece of equipment other than his own two hands. Equipment can come later.

Bob, follow the newbie routine for 3 months. As far as the grip goes, it should be snug but not tight, and you will force more blood into the penis. Use one hand in the OK grip around the base and then use the other hand to milk the blood into the penis. If your head (glans) turn purple and cold you are gripping to hard.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I realise about Bob’s newbie status, what I mean is use that equipment for stretching ONLY, not for hanging. For me, it is better to use an equipment properly rather than using their own hands which may cause injuries, proper use of equipment will do a better job and even reduce the possiblities of injuries. And as you can read, I state that even strong pull is not recommended.

I also believe that even a newbie can use ADS, which is also a piece of equipment.

BTW, check this out: Homemade stretcher + jelq

It tells me something that USE ANY EQUIPMENT properly will help.

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