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Jelq strength

Jelq strength

I just started the newbie routine, and after two weeks I kinda already hurt myself :s

I’m sure it’s from the jelqing. I tried to research something about the actual strength of the jelq. I don’t squeeze too hard, but in terms of how you should be feeling when your doing the jelq. Anything to look for? I’m really confused, cause after my time off I want to come back and do this right!

Thanks a bunch for the help

Ease off on jelqing. I did the same. If it even feels uncomfortable you should ease off. My EQ dived when I jelqed because of all the furious wanking I did when I was younger made my dick tougher and when I jelqed it I couldn’t feel pain, only discomfort

Starting stats: 7" EL x 5" EG Current stats: 7.1" EL x 5.125" EG Goal : 7.5" x 5.75"

Are you saying that I should just stop jelqing? Or keep it very light?


Is it also possible that if I’m doing Jelqing with the you shaped method (pinching) it might be hurting my unit more then if I just the OK grip with? Is one easier on the unit then the other?

I had the same problem when I started, the thing you have to remember is that everyone out there will have different ‘grip strength’ so to speak. For me, being a pretty strong guy, I have to lay off a little bit and you may be the same. Use your judgement, and watch for positive or negative indicators(erection quality, discolouration etc) as outlined in many places on the forum and you’ll be okay ;)

Thanks Tsang.I’ll keep that in mind when I get back into it

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