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Howdy all.

(I think) I read on Thunder’s Tutorial that Drumsticks are not to be attempted by beginners. This makes sense. But I also checked out Tom Hubbard’s site, and he had a Drumstick method which seemed fairly harmless, and he didn’t warn beginners off it. He had a more advanced method which he said should only be attempted by seasoned PEers.

So I’m wondering if it really is dangerous to try the drumsticks. The reason I ask is because I really don’t want to touch the dorsum of my penis in any aggravating way, as I had an injury which caused my dorsal vein to swell (8 months ago). So I really want to steer clear of my dorsal vein. Also, I hear that going for the sides (CC) stimulates girth growth. I’m more interested in girth at the moment.

So should I not do the drumsticks until I’ve done basic jelqing?

Any ideas for jelqing which will avoid aggravating the dorsum of my penis? Maybe a U-grip?


:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:

An even grip around your shaft will not damage your dorsal side. What this means is avoiding squeezing the hell out of your cock when you jelq.

Try hand jelqing first. Finish the Newbie Routine or something comparable before you try anything mechanical, except pumping which is OK if you follow the basic guidelines.

I’ve read a number of injury posts in the past about using sticks. Either those folks didn’t do them right, or there is something inherently dangerous about jelqing with sticks.




Thanks, avocet, I’ll start with a light jelqing program.

:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:

When I first started PEing, I was to lazy to Jelq so I wanted to buy some jelq stick really bad. However, from experience and more understanding of the excerises and overall knowledge of PE, I believe that the jelq sticks arent as effect and quite dangerous. Stick to manual jelq. A over hand grip is 10x easier if you get tired easily. I can finish my 10-15 minute routine of jelq with still alot of energy.

Thanks for the heads up, codeevil, I’ll know better now.

I’m sure glad I asked bout this. It seems that jelq-sticks aren’t such a good idea after all!


:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:

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