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Jelq Science


Jelq Science

I’ve been practicing PE for a while, but haven’t seen much more gains beyond my beginner gains. It makes me wonder about what I’m actually doing.

I understand the jelq motion, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m trying to physically do? Is the jelq sort of massaging or breaking in the tissue so it’s more pliable? Should I be kegeling as I’m jelqing and focusing on pushing blood into the penis? Is it a combination of both?

And what is the proper grip? I mean, I know it’s an OK grip, but where are you applying pressure. I’ve heard you apply even pressure, but I’ve found that very difficult unless I’m very soft. The penis is not shaped perfectly round and your hand is not shaped produce a perfectly distributed grip. I’ve always tried to focus my grip against the back of the tunica. But it’s easy to apply more pressure on the sides although I’m not sure it’d be more effective. And the soft underside, not sure what it’s technically called, seems to be least responsible for the size of the penis. It also seems like it would be the easiest part to injury if you’re not careful. So where exactly should I focus the grip?

Lastly, I’m not sure I understand why jeqing in 3 second motions has become the standard. Does the slow stroke physically help or is it a mental thing to keep your attention? Don’t move too quick, don’t hurt yourself kind of mentality?

I really just want to better understand how jelqing works. I think understanding it better would help me execute it better. I’ve tried searching the forum and whenever you throw ‘jelq’ in there, you get a ton of results about everything under the sun. So I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere. I would appreciate your input though.


Hi Dick4.

I think the first point for you to consider is tha each penis is going to be slightly different. so we can only give an average type of exercise.

What may be fine for some guys may be a little dificult for you. But as you prgress you will probably find that your penis takes up a more regular shape and becomes easier to manage.

The main point to remember is that the jelqing exercise is meant to push blood to pressure, and the flesh needs to be pulled so as to stretch it. So providing this is happenning you are doing OK.

You can always vary the timing. Some guys find it takes 4 or 5 seconds to get a full jelq so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try different speeds . You may find that one seems to suit you more than the others. so go for that.

Don’t forget all the other exercises. they may seem a bit weird sometimes but they all stretch in diffeent ways. so exercising your dick all round as it were.

So keep going! Try different ways of doing things. remembering to treat your unit with respect. You may find one exercise makes you hang better and for longer. That’s a good sign and tells you the way to go.

So come back if you have any specific questions. And someone will always be willing to help

Good luck


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I too would be interested in knowing more about what exactly goes on inside of the penis when one performs a “proper” jelq. I mean the thing that makes sense to me is that it dilates the veins causing an increase of size, which explains the newbie gains. But I’m not entirely sure. The tme needed to jelq I think depends on how easily these veins expand… and it also explains why heat is such an important aspect of the exercise. It also explains why something like following the method of Jelq city could work better for a substantial part of the population than the 3 second jelq.

By knowing what is supposed to happen in ones penis it’s easier to adjust ones own exercises to achieve that goal.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

I think jelq is a pretty complex exercise. It’s like the clean-and-jerk in weight training: an “all in one” exercise.

When you jelq, you are moving blood inside the corpora cavernosa. A given amount of blood is compressed into a smaller amount of space.
So pressure (force) pushing against CC and TA is augmenting; this force is directed bot girth-wise and lengthwise.

You are also applying a lenghtening force on you shaft with your hand. If you Kegel while jelqing, you are augmenting the volume of blood, so it enhance the intensity of the stress.

Finally, you are also edging, training your ability to stay hard for more than 15 minutes (time an average intercourse lasts, according to those liars of sexuologists :) .

I know it makes things more confused than before, but after 1 month of learning the jelq technique what above will make some vague sense. ;)

Originally Posted by marinera

Finally, you are also edging, training your ability to stay hard for more than 15 minutes (time an average intercourse lasts, according to those liars of sexuologists :) .

Isn’t edging completely separate from jelqing? I’ve had good, (I think) long jelq sessions with zero urge to climax. Also, jelqing is not a 100% erect exercise, so I’m not sure it works as training to maintain erections more than 15 minutes. I might be wrong though. Fortunately that hasn’t been an issue I’ve had to deal with. Maybe I’m misreading/misunderstanding the post.

And last night, in trying to figure out what I can do differently to maybe make my jelq technique more effective, I tried exercising softer than normal. I’ve been trying to keep it 50% to 80%, about “half mast” to barely erect. Last night, I tried more like 20% to 30%, which I’ll say is basically flaccid, but with a decent hang, no rigidity at all. What I found here was that it was much easier to get a good grip, much more narrowly than normal. Then when I stroked up, I felt more resistance in the shaft between my hand and the head because of the narrow grip is much thinner than the normal girth of my penis. But it was NOT tight because I was so soft. The motion was basically the same, but the feeling was much different. That resistance gave me some leverage to stretch out the ligs, which I never feel jelqing at my usual hardness.

I only tried this once so far, but this morning, I had good wood and maybe a slightly better hang through the day. Those are good signs, right? I’m not sure that exercise was really what a jelq was supposed to be. I’ve never heard anyone talk about stretching while jelqing. Should I have been feeling that stretch all along?

Yes, it isn’t technically edging, but something similar: even if you are mantaining a partial erection, still you are training the ability to stay hard for a relatively long time, and you are also exercising you ability to control your penis. :)

dick4, the goal of jelqing is to have a good expansion of the unit lengthwise and/or girth-wise.

Don’t expect to find a scientific description of jelqing. Think about this Forum as as a field of non-scientific experimentation. Even if we all were very accurate, we are all different. Even for the same person, jelqing comes in many flavours depending on the way it is done (erection, grip, timing, etc).
Find your own way that feel best for you in terms of efficiency.

And yes, you should have heard about stretching while jelqing. It is mentioned right in the official instructions.

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What’s a dick4?

Originally Posted by jenglishman

What’s a dick4?

The OP?

Some great advice in this thread, Thanks guys. :)

Originally Posted by jenglishman
What’s a dick4?

EXACTLY! I’m glad someone got it.

And yes, I’m realizing there may not be a straight forward answer to these questions. It just seems that what I’m doing isn’t as effective as it could be, and I need to make some changes. I’m just looking for a little insight to help make the right adjustments. I’m going to go with this much less flaccid motion for a little while and see where it takes me. If I get results, and have an idea why, I’ll definitely post and try to share the knowledge.

It really is all about experimenting.

Originally Posted by cervixhunter
And yes, you should have heard about stretching while jelqing. It is mentioned right in the official instructions.

“The Official instructions,” of course!

So I’ve been into PE long before I joined this site and overlooked most of the wonderful guides. It is an excellent collection.

Jelq and Jelqing

-By far the most in-depth explanation I’ve ever read. I’m not sure everything will ring true for everyone, but this is a great source.


I am not a physiology guy, nor will I ever be one. But after having good success with just jelqing I have come to suspect that there is a mechanism at work that is a result of stimulation or massage of the tissues in addition to the building of pressure.

I have seen growth during periods when my jelqing did not seem to increase the internal pressure at all, or at least an amount not really noticeable. This was jelqing at a low enough erection level so that the deeper tissues were being massaged, but still cushioned by some engorgement.

During my pe time I have found there are many subtle nuances to jelqing. It seems my best growth spurts have been after changing something about the jelq, grip strength, angle, reps, erection level, and duration of stroke to name the main ones.

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Originally Posted by Equine Rooster

…….I have come to suspect that there is a mechanism at work that is a result of stimulation or massage of the tissues in addition to the building of pressure.


Good point. I missed to mention that I believe the compressive force that the hand exert while jelqing on penis tissue works somewhat ‘coating’ tissues, favouring their elongation. Like when working on a raw foil of macaroni or pizza. :)

This thread discusses a technique very similar to the one I’ve recently started:

New Jelq City!

By the way, it’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve started this extra-soft jelq, and I’ve gained 1/8” length. I am finding it a little difficult to adjust though. My dick isn’t used to this exercise and I’ve been having the spotting problem a bit more than I used to. Hope I can keep gaining and/or cement it.


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