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Jelq question

Jelq question

Started PEing (following the newbie routine) on 03 Aug 05 . I feel I am just now starting to getting the hang of it after month & 1/2.

I tried something new by accident . When jelqing, I did not release my forward hand grip, at the head, when I gripped, with the other hand, at the base. I felt a lot more pressure between the to hand grips this way.

I normally release the grip at the head before I grip at the base.

Should I have been doing this all along?

What your doing is basically a horse440 without squeezing your head first (dont attempt these yet). When I jelq, I put my first hand at the head when it gets there and hold it, then do like you do and get the second hand in position. I dont release the first until I do the second.

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Now that you have some exercise experience with PE, you can start weening yourself off the newbie routine and start experimenting with other advanced techniques. One routine I developed that is similar to what you discovered is Girth Blasters and they are described here:

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique

Oh, Ive been doing these all along when wet jelging. I cant do it like this when dry jelging due to lack of skin. I thought this was the proper way of wet jelging. Well, to late now! I never had any problems doing it like this at all..

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