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Jelq question

Jelq question

When you jelq, is it the Dorsal Arteries that you’re lengthening?
I mean, when I don’t have a hardon, and I jelq, the veins don’t really pop out, but I can feel the pressure inside, so I’m thinking it’s stretching the veins / arteries deeper into my penis. Am I doing it right?
And if not, where, anatomically, should I center the pressure?

(Penis anatomy pictures
maleanatomy 3 copy.jpg)

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This is to lengthy and complex discussion to answer in a reply, but I’ll try.

1. Everything is pulled and stretched, there are two main theories of growth: your ligs stretch, so your configuration changes and your dick is located further out, so to speak; the second idea is that stress makes the tunica grow and elongate.
2. The veins are just hoses on the outside, the backflowvalves are inside the CCs. If you feel pressure, yes you are doing it right.
3. What do you mean by centering the pressure? Different people prefer different grips - search “snifter grip” “v-jelq” “lobster claw” and read the tutorials for the common overhand / underhand OK variations. I like to use V-grip when dry jelquing because I lock off the CCs real good, real close to the base. OK-grip tends to hit the glans alot, which also is allright.

If you have further questions, my best bet is to Search and Read, and read all the related threads noted at the bottom of the page. Just keep reading till your head spins, then you’re doing it right ;)

regards, mgus

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