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Jelq Question Please Advise

Jelq Question Please Advise

I started jelqing recently and my results are not what I would have wanted. I had only measured once after starting, since there was an increase in EQ, and yes my BPEL had increased but the reason I had start was to EG and it looks like it had actually decreased (Base has actually stayed the same if not just a hair bigger). I do the OK grip and I avoid 80% but I don’t know if my grip is to tight. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong or how I can change to target girth better. I thought I had seen someone with a similar issue but I could not find the thread. Any help or advice would be great since most of the things I read state they are more advanced. (For the record I also do a dry jelq as I had not liked the feel of wet but if that is causing it I can switch)

There are normal fluctuation in size and shape, Slimguy. Dry jelqs are my favourites also.

You say there was an eq increase followed by a slight decrease in girth. Some guys report a higher girth measurement at lower erection levels. Also, like marinera said, size does fluctuate a bit normally.

Dry jelqing is also my jelq of choice. It seems to get a lot deeper so to speak. I would keep doing what you’re doing and give it a chance before you deem it not effective.

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