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Jelq query; points of pressure.


Jelq query; points of pressure.


Last night I was pondering over whether it is best for me to add most pressure to the sides of my penis when jelqing, or the top and bottom?

Does it really effect anything? The only thing I have read on this matter is that, generally speaking, it is safer to plough the pressure onto the sides rather than the top/ bottom.


Tar me duck. (It’s an English phrase)

Originally Posted by Iorek

Tar me duck. (It’s an English phrase)

I would put you Jelqing preasure on the sides on not the top and bottom

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When I put pressure on the sides, the head doesn’t engorge with each stroke. When I put pressure on the top/bottom, though, the head swells and expands with each stroke.

Does this have to occur for jelqing to be successful, or does the head swelling have nothing to do with it? ‘cause it feels like it gets a lot thicker when I do a top/bottom thing.

You have to put pressure on the sides, cause you can damage your penis if you put pressure on the top, there`s that dorsal nerve that you don’t wanna mess with.

The urethrea?

Either way though, couldn’t you just pinch the sides of your member, rather than wrap all the way around, so you put the pressure where it needs to be? Or is there some reason that won’t work?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I would just try to stay away from just putting pressure on the top and bottom. If you can cause more pressure to the sides and still exercise effectively, that would be the preferred way I think.

Well yeah, I figured the preference was on the sides and avoiding the top and bottom, just didn’t know if something like a power jelq would be a good idea, since it lets you focus on opposite sides, and not really apply pressure to the top and bottom.

Also, I figured the expanding of the head was a good thing when I put pressure on the top and the bottom, because that’s what clamping does - causes the dick to expand, and after doing that enough, it basically rests at that expanded size, which is where your gains in girth are made. Am I wrong in thinking that to be true?

I haven’t been jelqing correctly then. It feels just much more “effective” when I put pressure on the top/bottom.



I jelq both on the sides and top to bottom (i usually try jelqing the sides but i find it harder on the hands - i use an overhand grip), should i stop doing a full OK grip (so that I target ONLY the sides)?

When the erection is milder (under 50%) i have a tight grip to target mostly length (I pull the dick out) so the pressure is as much on the sides as it is on top/bottom.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
The Power Jelq was originally pimped to be used on top and bottom ADA, until some members here raised hell about it.

Clamping and jelqing are two different things though, aren’t they?

Can you use a power jelq for the sides, by just rotating it, though? Wouldn’t it work well, then?

Clamping and jelqing are different, of course. However, clamping and jelqing both attempt to expand the tissues by forcing blood in (I’m talking about jelqs for girth, obviously) - right? In that sense, they’re not so different. I figured if clamping gives good girth, and when you clamp the head and rest of the unit swell up, then you’d want the same effect with the jelq - head swelling and ballooning up a bit, and I don’t get that at all when I do the sides.

But I also don’t want an injury, which is why I’m so inquisitive.

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