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Jelq Pros, I may have hurt myself :/


Jelq Pros, I may have hurt myself :/

So I recently started jelqing which has had arguable affects on my EQ, roller coaster sort of type.

I realize now I should apply less pressure.

But still, some Jelq questions:

1) I can get an erection while watching porn, although it isnt full quality. Have I hurt myself, or is this a temporary set back? I just did my session about half an hour ago in the shower…

2) How guarantee are EQ improvements if jelqing correctly. Can anyone say 100% jelqing alone has increased their EQ? Does it take a long time to be noticeable?

3) If so, is there a recovery time? Does it have a draw back temporarily then get better?

4) If I hurt myself, should I try fixing it with more jelqs? Say, if I wake up with morning wood, that could be a green light to try and fix?

5) How soon after jelqing can you get an erection?

6) Lets say I did injure myself and don’t get my usual morning wood.
Should I continue to do minor stretching in the shower or cut that entirely till I heal?


I can never tell if these signs are bad indicators or standard…
Sorry I’m kinda freaking out.. I’ve never seen my erections be this weak (other than when psychological reasons caused it)

How often are you jelqing and how many jelqs are you doing? You are not giving us enough information. Maybe you are over doing it, your age can be in consideration. erection isn’t full quality. What do you mean, 75% erect, which is what you should be at when jelqing. More information is required.

I was jelqing a minor amount, like say ~100 3 second strokes. Every other day. I’m 20. I’m new to the jelq game. I jelq at 70-80%, and have been using less and less pressure with every session since I realized it was waay too much at first.

My erection quality now is totally poor. Watching porn it gets full of blood like stiff, but doesn’t stand up on its own at all, and holding a kegel hardly helps it seems to reduce the EQ if anything.

Also, after jelqing my unit doesn’t seem to flaccid hang longer or wider… just normal flaccid shriveled size. Should jelqing temporarily improve your flaccid size? (a possible hint I’m doing this incorrectly)

But also if you answer those questions about it helping EQ immediately after or if its standard to not get an erection after etc, il be able to gauge if I’m doing this correctly or injuring myself

Theres 3 Possible outcomes;
1) I am over training, including my most recent session, and it will take some recovery time

2) These things may just be standard as your unit gets use to jelqing

3) I already injured myself before, and now everything I do is just making it worse.

Really though if you just answer those questions I’ll be able to gauge if what I experience is standard or me messing up…

Reponse to VVVV (to not make another post)
I just expose my unit to hot water for like. 2-3 minutes. (from the shower head, I’ve been considering taking in a cup and filling it with hot water then letting it sit in there)

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How do you worm up and how many minutes?

After a good worm up you’re dick should be all fluffy and longer if you know what I mean. So after that if you jelq I don’t see why you don’t get enough pump, I would say to try and jelq at a 50-60 percent and do a kegel every each 10 strokes.

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Take a few days off. Maybe take a week off. If you’ve overdone it with jelqing, don’t think you’re going to fix it doing more of what you did. See where it’s at after two or three days off.

I’m with these guys… just quit touching it for a few days to even a couple weeks… don’t even masterbate if you can stand it… I left mine alone, and I was having really good morning, afternoon, evening, and night wood around 1.5 weeks… get PE off of your mind during that time too… the PE expectations kinda messed with my mind, so I just searched for unrelated things here at Thunders… there’s tons of stuff to read here other than PE… just give yourself a break and you’ll probably be back in the game better than ever in a few days… especially at only 20 years old!! Go read about aliens and unicorns if you have to =P

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Okay thanks for the advise.

I really, really, really, really wish someone would just answer those questions though so I have a better understanding.

1) It is usual to not be able to get an erection immediately after jelqing

2) How guarantee are EQ improvements if jelqing correctly. Can anyone say 100% jelqing alone has increased their EQ? Does it take a long time to be noticeable?

3) Is there a recovery time where EQ is temporarily worse? Does it have a draw back temporarily then get better?

4) How soon after jelqing can you get an erection?

5) Should my flaccid hang by better after jelqing or just usual?

If I don’t understand any of this I’ll just injure myself again. If some one helps me by telling me whats standard I’ll know if I’m doing it correctly. (for instance, if all of you get better flaccid hangs & can get an erection after jelqing, then I’ll be able to say oh if that doesn’t happen then I’m doing it too hard)

Your penis is unique in it’s own way, and you’re just going to have to find a regime that works for you… I would definitely take the break, and when things return to normal, just use less pressure, less jelqs, and maybe more off days than you were using initially. I think the golden rule here is less is more… Just start small and slowly increase your workout. There’s plenty of jelqing stories you can sift through here in the forums, and maybe you’ll find a situation similar to your own. Just remember that the size increases won’t happen overnight… once you find and are consistent with a workout that gives you positive PI’s, hopefully you’ll soon start seeing results.

I’m just going by what I’ve read here at the forums, so maybe one of the pros will give you some better advice than myself… just want to try and help if I can!!

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You’re probably overdoing it. Take a break, and cut down to like 50 strokes and see if things improve. I had the same problem as you until I cut down. The reason you’re not getting exact answers to your questions is because its not an exact science. Take a deep breath knowing that you’re not the only one who’s experienced what you’re going through. And continue to practice and explore until you find the right fit for your body. When you do, your dick will let you know!

Okay thanks. I like that answer.

The sad thing is, I’m doing this for improved EQ.

I’m not doing it for gains :/

I haven’t been trying to go extremely hard or force gains or anything…

I just want my EQ to be the best it can, then I’ll be happy… Thats why I have so many EQ questions…

Hi WalkerZero, have you read Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!. Most of your questions, the answer will differ from person to person. the thing is you know you have injured yourself, so listen to what other people are saying. You also know what you have done wrong, too much pressure.

Let your unit heal, then give it some extra time off (say a week) once it has. If it doesnt heal then you will need to go and see your doctor.

Yeah I read that first. I still can’t tell if these temporary hits to EQ might mean that it will be better in the future…

I guess any form of poor erections the next day should be seen as over training, though.

But I was thinking everyone would say something along the lines of “No jelqing makes your EQ better in a week, the next day your EQ will not be good”… thats what I was hoping for atleast…

I have a couple of questions, and I want you to be honest with us. First, are you in shape, and second, are you over weight. We need to know so that we can help. Your information is so vague. Are you depressed? When is the last time you were been laid, or have you been laid. Lay it down brother, we are here to help. Are you watching porn way to much to the point you may need to watch to get a good erection. These are good questions and you don’t need to answer to us but ask your self these questions. Just know, if you need to talk, we are here.

Sorry for stealing a bit of your thread here, but tntjockey, what would one do if one would have watched too much porn to the point that 100% cannot be reached without it?

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It is important to have breaks for day or two. While you rest your penis grows the most (according to many) and I agree. That doesn’t mean you should rest for days, but when you have 3 intense days, rest is a must. Today I have day off.

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