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Jelq Pros, I may have hurt myself :/


I hardly need to break, seriously I feel as though my regiment was light.

And to answer those honest questions, I’m in good shape, not the best cardio, very skinny and muscular. I bike and do yoga. I’m not depressed, I got laid last weekend, and I’m pretty good with the ladies. I just want my EQ to be better, mostly because (since ever) I’ve had trouble having sex with a condom, not enough feeling/loss in EQ eventually.

Not using a condom = not okay in college. As a kid it was fine, couple young gf’s. Now I’m 20 and live in a college town; safe>sorry.

I watched too much porn, but I recently stopped entirely. Normally once a night, never any more than that, in order to fall asleep easier. Stopped like a good week or two ago.

Honestly, my problem stems from Hypoglycemia and I’m not entirely sure what else. I smoke and drink a lot regardless of me being very healthy and in good condition. (hardly ever sick, pretty active, pretty strong etc.) Diet fluctuates, but I generally eat one kinda bad and one healthy meal a day, Idk what else?

I used to drink a lot of caffeine, now I drink a coffee every other day ish, starting about a month ago.

I can psych myself out every so often also has a tad to do with it, so improved EQ in general would help. (Say I get it in my head I’m too intoxicated, or extreme intimidation)… those things are rare though.

Your unit is not a striated muscle.

Originally Posted by WalkerZero
I hardly need to break, seriously I feel as though my regiment was light.

You tell us you have injured yourself, and then you say that!

You say you are doing it for EQ not gains. Then do it every other day, and you really should see increased EQ. Most people who have excellent EQ see diminished EQ if they PE every day.

On a French site, a specialist in bio mechanics, offers a lengthy study on the relaxation of the ligaments. One of the things I’ve found is that a connective tissue (not just ligaments) needs at least 24 hours to repair after intense stretching.

We can deduce that two consecutive days of exercises are useless.

If someone who can read french wants it, I could research the link.

In case anyone is wondering,
I’m fine again! I took 3 days off, zero supplements, no masturbation, just warming up and on one day a little stretching.
(My warm up is 3-4 ~30 second sessions of putting my junk in a cup thats filled with ~90 degree water, I’d guess)

And then today (my fourth day) I did my standard 5 mins of stretching, then really light jelqing for 5 mins. To my surprise; I got an erection from something minor while wearing jeans watching tv, EQ like 85%. Amazing! Thank goodness. And it was before I took any supplements, just an hour after jelqing.

Now imagine if jelqing really does give me those EQ improvements people say.. I’ll be stoked!

ALSO; I’ll be starting an EQ study/test, seeing if I can improve my EQ. The test consists of after my workout/hitting the gym (when I have good blood flow and am limber) I will be timing my imagination forced erection, aka lay there naked timing when I get to atleast straight standing EQ. This will allow me to measure my EQ and hopefully figure out and isolate any variables that help it.

I have noticed my unit has been more full of blood without being erect. Not like a long flaccid hang, just bizarre blood filling…

Originally Posted by soodana

Sorry for stealing a bit of your thread here, but tntjockey, what would one do if one would have watched too much porn to the point that 100% cannot be reached without it?

Porn can be an addiction to the point it starts to affect other bodily functions. Wean yourself off the porn.

Rather than posting a topic about it figure I may just ask here. Is one wet jelq two strokes each hand?


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