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Jelq problem

Jelq problem


I’m new here and have been doing PE only for 3 weeks now, sticking to the suggested newbie routine, except doing my kegels at a later time in the day - not straight after my wrap/stretch/jelq/wrap session. I used to do PE some time - about six months - ago, but stopped because I started experiencing the same problem I’m having now. During jelqing, sometime after the first two/three minutes of the exercise, a small portion of blood starts coming out of my penis. Well, not actually red blood, but more what seems to be a few drops of urine (seems about one milliliter) with an easily noticeable hint of blood in it. The last two times I jelqed I also noticed a small portion (like, about one cubic millimetre) of something resembling sperm, white & soft, with a red line, looking like a part of a blood-vessel, in the middle, coming out. No other problems - no blood in urine while taking a leek, no problems with erections, no blood when ejaculating, nothing - just this small amount of blood while jelqing.

Do any of you guys experience something similar while jelqing? What should I make of this?

Oh, btw, I dry-jelq.

First, stop jelking for a few days.

Then, consider that maybe your “OK” grip is far too tight. You are squeezing the heck out of something, and probably causing some capillaries to explode. Ease up. Take another look at the turorial video on jelking.

When you get back to it, use a lube. You just may be one of those who cannot manage dry jelking without problems.



Originally Posted by avocet8
When you get back to it, use a lube.

Sage advice :up:

Dry jelqing is the one form of PE I still cannot comprehend.

I have only been doing dry jelqing and have NEVER tried wet jelqing. I guess I could call myself a tight-ass because I find spending money on lube a bit so-so. Hehe :)

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