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Jelq pressure question

Jelq pressure question

Over the last two weeks I’ve been doing my jelqs (150) at about 85%. Not a completely hard erection, but I’m fairly hard. When doing this I don’t need to squeeze that hard to really create pressure as I move up to just under my glands. I know this will focus more on girth, which I want, but I’m wondering if I should lower the erection % down a bit to focus on length as well.

I was hoping that my stretching alone would take care of the length, but I’m reconsidering that now. I do stretches while laying down in bed. I pull in various directions, and add a few V and A stretches. I’m only up to about 10-15. Even this sometimes will make me feel a little sore for the next day.

Is the stretching going to be enough to work on the length? I barely feel any real stretching of my penis at the 80-90% level. I’m wondering if I should add a day of jelqs at 40-50%, and the other day back at 80-90%. Currently, I’m following the 2 on, one off schedule.

If so, when I jelq at 40-50%, how much pressure should I try to use? Is the focus more on the stretch itself, or should I create a lot of pressure as I move up the shaft like I’m currently doing?

Currently some days I have good PI’s, but sometimes I get nothing. I haven’t changed my routine a lot, but I’m assuming my PI’s are being effected by the stress I’m going through right now with my personal life so I haven’t relied on PI’s as much as I should.

No real gains at this point, but my flaccid is better and my penis stays “meaty” most of the time. :)

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April 2010 - 6.00 [BPEL x 5.3 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

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I would suggest that you rely on your dick to tell you if you are using too much pressure.
If you are sore then you are tending to overdo things.

It would be best to reduce the pressure gradually until you can do more exercises without the soreness. as it is that which is possiblyhindering your gains.

Worth a try!

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