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Jelq pain

Jelq pain

How do you make jelqing not hurt

Jelqing (or any PE) should never hurt. Are you doing it fully erect? Are you remembering to do a hotwrap and warmup beforu jelqing? Is it the friction on your skin that you’re referring to?

It should never hurt while you do it, and you should be no more than “comfortably sore” aftwards. No exceptions.

what hurts, a vein? the head? the base?


well its more skin than anything that hurts and about 80 percent erect

Cut or uncut?

Well, are you cut or not? That plays a role as well. If you’re cut and your skin hurts afterwards, you’re pulling the skin more that anything else. Concentrate on moving the blood in your dick around instead of pulling the skin.

If you’re uncut, try to hold back the skin using the tourniquet grip at the base. That should help, too.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

sometimes when doing my sqeezes it seems like my urethra kinda hurts sometimes (urine line). I try not to sqeeze so much on the bottom. What do you guys think, do you think this is acceptable pain.


What kind of lube do you use? Use baby oil if you arent already. Lotions are not the best lubricant and can cause chaffing of the skin causing sores and abrasions. “personal experience”

well ive found that the more you jelq the less it hurts not all i have is a slight ball strain and of course pull of pubes

what do you mean by cut or uncut??

Whether you are circumsized or not. Do you have a foreskin? I don’t I am cut. If you did your dick has a turtleneck sweater of flesh right under the head. If you are Latin your probally are not circumsized. If you are Jewish you are circumsized most likely.

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