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Jelq injury question

Jelq injury question

Well I picked up PE again and it was going pretty good, except that I may have jelqed too intense the other day and didn’t notice some spots on the underside of my dick so when I went through my routine on Monday and looked at the other side I noticed a red area . I’m not that worried about it, I think it will heal OK. It doesn’t look like a bruise, just looks like the area was disturbed; there are small area where it’s red and when I stretch the skin out I can see a few small, squiggly red veins in and around the redness. Is this type of injury minor and somewhat common? I think it just needs time. I wish that I could take a picture but I don’t know how to take a decent close-up picture with my digital camera, it always turns out really bright and you can’t see very good detail.

My main question is that I’m going to be visiting my girlfriend tomorrow night, and would having sex make this worse or would it be OK? On one hand it is an injury and even though it’s small it needs time to heal, but on the other hand I’ve been resting it all week and massaging it and applying heat. I’m thinking that normal erection pressure should be OK and won’t disturb it too much, and that jelqing would be the thing that would make it worse. A lot of you are very knowledgeable when it comes to these injuries, I would greatly appreciate any advice and/or comments. Thanks!

It could be a simple bruise. Use common sense if there is no pain. You probably can go for it but if it gets worse after sex then abstain.

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Yeah, I’ve had that before when I first started PE. Nothing to really worry about, I just took a couple days off of PE and it went away, most likely it’s just a bruise.

Does it hurt now? If it does, it might be a good idea to sit this one out.

Then again, sex is a brutal and strenuous thing for me. A good long easy fuck may help you heal. Think of her as a human hotwrap, and give it to her nice…and…slow…

:D :D :D :D :D

Seriously, if it’s just mildly discolored and not causing you physical pain, sex is probably going to be OK. It’s unlikely that any vagina is going to put anything like the kind of stresses on your cock that it experiences during PE.

I’ve only been PEing for a month, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

I use a lube (Vaseline) so that it makes bruising to a minimum. Sex should be ok. If it hurts then stop but from my experience it should be fine! :)

Sex should be fine, take it easy on the jelqing for a couple of days though.

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It’s normal when you jelq at the first time ! But, don’t squeeze harder! Enjoy your sex !

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