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Jelq in the shower?

Jelq in the shower?

I don’t know if my memory is serving me right but i think i read that it is not good to jelq in the shower.

Im just simply asking why?

Looking to be a kiwi.

Dear KJ

The constant spray of water will wash whatever lubricant you’re using down the drain before you can get any good jelqs in. And without lube, you risk serious friction burn. And don’t even think that soap is an answer; soap is meant to be applied and, then, washed off. If it stays on the sensitive skin of your dick for any great length of time, it tends to irritate, especially, Lava soap.

Hope that helped -


Don't be a dick! Unless, you're being the biggest dick you can be.

Vaseline does not wash off so easily. If the stream is not too strong it will last a long time. I position a hand sprayer so that it is showering directly on my work area. Constant heat.

The Vaseline will wash off with 2 or 3 soap ups.

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If you’re going for better erections and the rep count is very low there isn’t a problem. That’s what I did initially, before I found this site and started PE.

What about the water bill?


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Can do uli’s and stretches and squeezes in the shower no probs but jelqing needs the lube so I normally do that before a shower. I jelqed with soap once and removed several layers of skin so no way i’ll be doing that again.

Yes the water bill could be a problem! And whoever you live with might wonder why you take 45 minute showers 5 on 2 off (or whatever)!

Watch the slippy floor if you use lube!


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