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Jelq grip

Jelq grip

I have searched this forum for the last hour and am having a really hard time finding out how to grip properly whilst jelqing.

I was PEing off and on from the end of July to the end of August.

And have been PEing with consistency for a little over one and a half months now with no gains.

I believe this is because my grip while jelqing is either too hard or too soft. I’ve tried both. No matter what I do regardless of erection level can I find what works best for me.

How do I tell if I am doing it right. I’ve spent countless hours on this forum and have done a ton of research, but still can’t figure out why I’m not gaining.

Whenever I jelq regardless of erection level, hard or soft grip, I can’t see much of an increase in girth above my hands during each stroke. Is this indicative of anything. Where should I go from here? My glans are also cold (only near this tip of the glans) but I have no pain or decreased EQ, so I don’t know if I should categorize this as a bad PI.

Any advice, by someone who has actually gained and not just saying that they did for their own sadistic satisfaction, would be so greatly appreciated you have no idea.

Thanks, Don patch

Jelqing & Stretching 101

That links to the Jelqing & Stretching 101 thread. I think it would help answer most of your questions. I’m not too shabby on the html so I don’t know how to make it a click-link kinda thing-a-ding you know? Later bro

Also my glans are grey on the underside of my penis near the frenulum. What does all of this mean?

Thanks for the advice formygirlfriend, but I’ve read this before.

Originally Posted by donpatch84
Also my glans are grey on the underside of my penis near the frenulum. What does all of this mean?

It could mean that your grip is to tight. It is best to start out with a light even grip. Even if it seems you are not pushing blood through the semi erect penis. Your dick needs time to adjust to jelqing. Take your time go slow. If PE hurts stop, if you think your doing to much you are.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Should I take a break then? If yes then how long?

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