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jelq - forskin

jelq - forskin

I have allways wondering.. Should I have the forskin over my penis head or pull it back when jelqing?

easy question, but nobody knows? :|

Guess it got missed estigma.

I don’t think it matters overly apart from one thing, if you pull the foreskin back you may reduce stretch at the base of the penis (which is much easier to stretch) and hopefully reduce the effects of turkey neck.

Getting the knack of pulling the foreskin back can be quite tricky. The method I always employed was to take an initial stroke to the glans make a loose grip part way up the shaft with the second hand, release the hand at the glans just enough to pull the skin back through the grip and then tighten the new grip once it hit the base.

Like most things its easy once you get used to it but a bit tiring so if you do that you might want to flip to just letting the foreskin gather over the glans, though this seems to increase fluid buildup in the foreskin.

The important thing is finding a method that works for you. Uncut guys have a serious advantage with extra skin to play with, it only seems sensible to try and make the best use of it possible.

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Thanks for the answar memento!

I have notised one thing. When the foreskin is pulled back, my penis head are getting bigger and more powerfull. Seem like more blod get pressed out there. And I can really feel the press in the penis head. This press is less when the foreskin is pulled over the penis head.
May this have any effect then?

Hi there estigma,

I have a foreskin too, don’t let that be an obsticle in jelqin. Have you ever heard dry jelqin?? Worked well for me:) . Do some search on that subject. All the best.


Where your skin is isn’t going to effect the pressure, so you must be changing something else in the process of pulling back the skin. If you find the pressure is getting much greater further up the shaft look at your erection level and the strength of your grip.

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