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Jelq Feeling Question

Jelq Feeling Question

I wore an ADS from Dec. 2007 to Jun. 2008. I went from 5.8” to 6.5”. I then took a break for 6 months, then I tried wearing the ADS for another 6 months. I didn’t gain anything at all.

Wearing an ADS mostly helped my flaccid, which went from about 3” to 4.5”. These gains have been permanent, but my erect gains were not. I lost about .2”-.25” since 2009.

Well, I’m resuming my PE routine. However, I will not be using an ADS. ADS gains are slow, and I would prefer jelqing now.

I just finished a 10 minute jelqing session. I have a question about the feeling in the penis while jelqing. Is there a particular feeling in the penis that I ought to feel while jelqing? For example, should I feel blood being squeezed out of top of the penis (not the veins)?

Also, let me know if you have any questions about my ADS gains.

I had a similar experience but have never worn a traction device. I went from 8.5” to 8” after like 4 months off focusing on school. I never got my erect length probably because the gains were uncemented, however I did get a longer flaccid hang.

When performing wet jelqs you should feel slightly more and more increased pressure from where your fingers squeeze to the head. As you slide your hand down you should see your glans expand beyond normal capacity and relax when you let go. Remember to keep pressure equal down the shaft or you will see unequal gains and require more girth work towards the head later on.

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