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Jelq every other day

Jelq every other day

Hi,I just joined a couple of days ago and I have a question.I read somewhere that you should only jelq every other day.Has anyone else heard of this?I’d like to hear your opinions on it. By the way this is a great sight,I’m glad I joined

Dude, The best advice I can give is that you should really read the newbie primer

I did.But the article I read was very persistent on saying to jelq every other day as not to do damage to your self.I can’t remember what site I was on though.Ijust wondered if anyone else has read anything like this .I jelq 5 days in a row then take 2 days off.I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing more harm than good.Thanks for the advice though.

In PE it’s funny because some weeks your dick will be in bad shape and others it will in super good shape. Sometimes your bloodflow will be good other times it will be bad as your learning. The good thing about all this is if you quit jelqing or girth excersizes to help gain length, and the length excersizes or hanging or ADS/ADH is killing your bloodflow but you are gaining good length you can still temporatly every now and then jelq for about 5-20 mins a day for about a week or two and then your dick will back in top shape and then you can repeat the cycle and quit the jelqing for a while and go back to getting more length.

I have done this many times before and have made nice length gains. I am going by the theory that you work on length first and then tackle girth, because I have seen people here many times who get nice girth gains but wonder why they can’t gain any length or when they do start concentrating only on length excersizes and hanging etc they lose some girth because of the new length. So get the length first by targeting the ligs and tunica, then if you want that and then you switch all excersizes to girth mode and start working on girth by targeting the outer shaft tunica by expanding it with high intense blood pressur excersizes slowly to expand the outer shaft tuncia latterly (from the sides of your shaft, although I would also concentrate on getting girth depth which is the Y/vertical girth demension to your shaft as well) once your ultimate length goal is reached…

Just a few thoughts… :)

Thanks L.M,your idea makes alot of sense. I’m gonna try it .

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