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I know when you jelq there is a certain erection percent you should have depending on what your shooting for. I have one quick question. I jelq for about 12 minutes now, the first 2 minutes my erection is at about 20-30%. The next 6-7 minutes I have about 50-60% erection, then the last 3-4 minutes I’m at about 70-90%. It’s hard to control, it usually always works out this way. Is this ok, or should I try to keep it more consistent throughout the workout??


I think it’s OK. Just keep at it and you should gain more control over time. Also, if you want to keep jelqing at a lower erection level, it’s OK to stop for a minute and let it subside. Try and develop a ‘massage style’ grip/approach where you’re not thinking about arousal and the fact that you’re touching your dick (does that make sense?). In other work on overcoming the natural association of touching your dick with masturbating. I think this will come with time. Anyway, like I said, it’s OK to take a short break and cool off for a minute (maybe reheat while you’re at it.)

Thanks cheeva, I understand what you are saying, I wasn’t sure if it was ok to take a break. When I’m at a low level it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything.I try to keep it up above 50%, it just feels like I’m actually doing something.

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