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Jelq Before or after hanging?

Jelq Before or after hanging?

As the thread title says, Jelq before or after hanging? I’ve begun to hang and want the best possible results. Does it matter? Or do you who hang and jelq have a method you like? And sorry if this has already been asked before, I did a search but couldnt find narrowed results.

When done properly, hanging alone provides all the intensity you’ll ever need to make great length gains.

The type of jelq you do with hanging is only to restore circulation once you’re done, or between sets. I do my kegels at this time, although I do some during my hanging sets as well (or during my rest periods when I am restoring circulation).

Doing a jelq with your wrap still on is not exactly practical, so I just massage my penis with the wrap on (during 10 minute rest periods, after my 20 minute hanging sets while I’m re-oxygenating my tissues). I also do BTB jelqs, I find these help blood flow (once again, I’m doing these lightly).

Keep the jelqs at a low erection level, if you find you’re getting too ‘happy’, perhaps stop, do a few kegels & think about something else & I find that helps my erection go back down quickly.

Hanging often makes my penis sore, and especially early on skin soreness can be an issue. I find vitamin E lotion or Eroset Vein Oil (EVO) helps me heal just a bit more quickly. Any kind of lotion will help though. I find EVO, Vitamin E lotion, or cocoa butter lotion also help me when I’m going through periods with excessive skin stretching. I do nearly all of my hanging at the BTC angle, and I think the skin conditioning took me quite a long time to adjust to.

Blink how much have you gained from hanging?

I’ve just started myself and actually enjoying it!!

I gained .75” during my first 4-5 months of hanging. Perhaps I could have gained more, but I am pretty conservative / cautious; I have heard of other guys gaining more/faster. I quit PE due to a series of injuries & came back somehow down to my original size. Sporadic periods of PE, for a few weeks at a time, followed by weeks of breaks may have also ended up making me smaller, I am not sure. My flaccid was tiny again too after a very, very long decon break.. literally back down to less than 3”, when at one point it was around to 4.5” (freaky, I know).

I regained .5” after just 2 months of returning to PE. My flaccid is back up from 2.5” or 3” to about 4.25”. I believe I have gained more during my 3rd month, but I wont measure for a few more weeks. In total I have around a year of hanging experience, but I was so inconsistent it ruined things. I am being consistent now though, so the gains are coming. Part of my improvement is due to dropping caffiene & taking supplements, but most is just from PE.

Originally I was also doing 8x sets per day, BTC. Currently I’m just doing 6x sets per day, BTC. I find I can’t hang much weight at BTC, currently my maximum is just 10lbs (I started at 2.5lbs originally, and it took 5 months to reach 8lbs BTC). I held the line this time with less sets, so my maximum weight rose faster. I am hoping a lot of hanging in the 10-20lb range will give me better gains over the course of this coming year.

Overall though, I have always been happy at the rate of gains hanging has given me. Even 1/8” or 1/16” in BPEL gains per month will eventually give some pretty amazing results long term.

Cheers for the reply blink200 much appreciated.

Good luck with your continuing gains!

Thanks for your input blink


I do all my hanging sets then jelq for 5-10 minutes to restore good blood flow.

Between hanging sets I massage my penis with the wrap on to help restore blood flow.

Hope this helps. Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

I’m also doing a routine of hanging and jelqing. I hang for 20 minutes a set/ 6 sets a day. In between sets I slap my dick against my thighs to restore blood circulation and do some light jelqs with liquid vitamin e. I also jelq - 2 days on and one day off for 15 - 20 minutes at a time. I read on some other posts that you should always hang BEFORE you jelq but that’s a huge inconvenience for me. My schedule dictates that I can get in the jelqing early, but I really only have time to do my hanging sets much later in the day. Is this an okay routine or should I somehow try to jelq after my hanging sets (all of it in the evening)?

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