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Jelq angle, LOT and erection level.

Jelq angle, LOT and erection level.

According to what I understand about LOT theory, it is beneficial to jelq straight out or straight up when you have a low lot. I hope I’m not getting this backward. In any case, I began jelqing straight up, or at about an 11:00 angle, and it just feels better for me (My LOT is at about 7:00). It’s WAY WAY easier for me to keep the proper erection level, and it’s also easier to get closer to the base without the skin messing things up - a problem I had when I jelqed pointing downward. It’s just so much easier to keep blood in the penis for me this way. I hope I’m on the right track. Actually I think my dick feels thicker after 2 days of this.

Can anyone relate to this with their own experience?

The LOT theory was for HANGERS - men who hang weights from their penises. It has nothing to do with jelqing.

Jelq the way that’s easiest for you. As long as you have an erection that puts enough blood in the penis for you to move it with each stroke, you should be able to do it correctly. Usually this is more than a 50% erection and less than 75%.

Hmm strange, I read over in Betterman a while ago that there’s a correlation between LOT and jelqing angle. Does anyone find that certain jelqing angles affect width more and certain ones affect girth more?


Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Haha, of course I meant to say ‘some affect length more and some affect girth more’. But ok.

Still no.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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