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Jelq and MaxXtender

Jelq and MaxXtender

Can anyone tell me if doing a jelq session and then leaving a MaxXtender on for awhile like, say 2-3 hours would improve the chance of an increase in length and girth more than just doing a jelq by itself? And probably see results in a quicker period of time (I know PE is a slow process). Or is it just a bunch of b/s what the MaxXtender site is claiming.

It’s mostly BS but you could get a gain with the max but it’s a dangerous noose style stretcher. It was the first thing I ever bought for PE it was very uncomfortable I couldn’t wear it very long. If you have time to wear it you would get a much better return on your time with hanging.

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I’m guessing that the hanger is also incorporated with jelqing and squeezing techniques, if I’m wrong could you clarify this for me. Thanks for your advice as well.

I did happen to stumble upon this site called “The Grip” which did have a device that incorporated a kind of vacuum and weight in one thing that was worn for a period of time. It was not cheap at all though!!! $180 for the basic up to $620 for the full meal deal!

The site also provided detailed instruction on how to do a proper jelq session with heat and all and said that the body repairs itself in about 8 hours after tears have occured. So I am guessing at this but probably by having your penis in a stretched state for that period of time (8 hours or so) will keep the tears far enough apart that the cells will repair the tears and make your penis bigger.

I guess you would need to wear something that stretched your penis for that amount of time which is kind of why I thought that wearing the MaxXtender while you sleep for the 8 hours or so might work, because you can’t very well wear it while you’re doing daily activities due to the fact that you’ll look like you have a permanent erection all day.

Any help on this at all from anyone who thinks this (keeping it stretched) for a long period of time would help, or not, I appreciate any and all information.

Thanks a lot.


What ever you do, Don’t sleep with it on, or you might wake up with

it turned black and have to have it cut OFF…

Start with the Newbie routeen, later on get you a Bib hanger.

Take care and keep us posted.



I bought the JES extender back in April, but only had time to wear it about 5-7 hours per week. I agree with you that you can’t wear the contraption to work because it looks funny. I started wrapping part of my shaft up near the head with this stuff that sticks to itself (I found it wear the band-aids are). Then I wrap a small 8” velcro wrap around it, tie one end of a shoestring to the velcro wrap and the other end around my leg near my knee. I can wear it in stealth all day at work. I think it provides a decent downward angle stretch, and if you sit at a computer like I do all day, you can move your let outward and get a little more of a stretch from time to time. I am just experimenting with this, so I can’t tell you if it works…..and I am a newbie at pe also. It’s not as fancy as some of the contraptions on this site, but then again, I don’t have 1 or 2 hours every night to hang. I also jelq about 3 - 4 times a week in the morning for about 10 mins before getting a shower. I think I am going to get quicker results do this rather than just wearing the extender for 5 or so hours a week. Let me know what you all think of this routine….I know it’s not much.


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