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Jelq and Gains Question

Jelq and Gains Question

Hi. I’m just starting PE and I have a couple of questions that I have not found a satisfactory answer for. First, I’ll start with some background information on me. I am almost 39 years old and I have an erect penis size of 5.5 inches. If the blood flow is really good, this measurement may go to 6 inches.
Now for the question - What type of evidence do you have if you are PE’ing correctly? I can’t notice red spots on the glan because of my complexion and I don’t see any tremendous growth after a session of PE. The only thing I notice is that my flaccid size after PE’ing is near my erect size at times. Am I not doing something correctly (I just jelq)? Would the warm up time period have a lot to do with how successful your PE session is? Is it possible that initial gains would come very slow but once gains start they can come quick? Any and all information would be appreciated.
My goal is to gain 2 inches in length

I also would like to add my thanks to the owner of this site and all of the members who have shown me that gains aer possible.


OK, from what you explained, I think that you are doing it right. Your flaccid after pe is about the size of your erect so that is proof that you have stretched the tissues sufficient to enable it to remain that size after the erection is gone. If you get an erection and then let it go flaccid again, the size of your flaccid would not be the size of your erect because no tissues were stretched. You do this daily and after 1-6 months you would have stretched enough to cause a permanent stretch hence the gains. Keep it up and keep us posted.



Keep it up give it some time, if you want more advice you have to list your routine.


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