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Jelq after Kaplan: restoration of health?

Jelq after Kaplan: restoration of health?

I’m such a newbie I still reek of new car smell.

Backstory: A while ago I got the infamous J. Kaplan pump, and after being a bit “over eager” I gave it up after a few weeks and ever since then I’ve had noticably diminished ability establishing and/or maintaining erections. After reading up like I should have, I am convinced that my experiences with vacuum pressure are to blame for this.

Question: I still want to gain two inches, so I have done plenty of reading lately and have decided to go with the Jelq device, since it’s tremendously safer than a pump in virtually every respect.

In theory or known practice, can the Jelq methods help restore healthy ability after pressure-induced difficulties? If not, any ideas?

IMHO, pumps are far too lethal and can even damage internal organs if used wrong (blood can get backed up in your circulatory system.)

Thanks, sorry if this is in a faq somewhere.

I cannot see the pump as damaging your penis other than the over use of vacuum causing some sort of capillary burst. the vacuum is really just pulling on the outer layer of the penis. The freed up room lets the chambers below it expand. Check out the Pumping section for all the people who pump with success.

There is a cause for your erection problem but lets not jump to conclusions without real evidence. You also dont need any devices for jelqing. As for the backed up blood in circulatory system… what? You normally get blood backed up in this part of your body.

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I have heard stories from some veteran pumpers that were ‘over pumpers’ and they did complain of having impotence issues. One in particular, anyway, its not irreversible damage, but you now know the right way and from most pumpers reports pumping at around 4-5hg in moderation should help establish a better erection.

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Why don’t you learn how to jelq the right way using your hands?

Then you can learn how to pump the right way.

Then you can combine the two and get back on track.

I used the vacuum pump for years. I got better erections not worse. Short term that is right after use your erections would be bad. But that goes away very quickly. I’d say a few hours.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

simple, yet great wisdom. All the same, I place much of my trust in machines — mainly because devices are faster. Nonetheless, I’m researching everything. Good advice.

True, blood does behave like that in this region, but if you have ridiculous pressure that causes the rim of the tube to pinch off the flow of major vessels at the mons pubis (pubic bone), then the blood flow will start backing up along the vessel, causing it to swell larger than usual. Even though this swelling reaches a maximum and the flow becomes diverted through auxiliary vessels, etc, it is possible that this kind of situation could cause damage to organs or vital areas of circulation inside the body. But only if you were very reckless and nerve-dead. That’s what I meant.

Thanks for the advice,

There have been a few stories on this site of some nasty accidents with the jelq machine. It might be worth doing a search and learning from that rather than learning by experience.

I’ve also read they are good. So you will get a more balanced view by reading up about them.

I decided against them after a good read-up.

Originally Posted by Q__Hybrid

I place much of my trust in machines — mainly because devices are faster.

No machine can do what needs to be done. Your hands are perfect, they are conveniently attached to the ends of your arms. With the added bonus of being free!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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