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Jelging question

Jelging question

I just started doing PE 4 days ago and I am using the newbie routine. When I jelq, I usually start off at around 70% erection and after about 5-6 jelq it falls down to around 20%. If I stop jelqing I can stimulate myself back to about 70-80% in around 10 seconds. Then when I start back jelqing it will go back to 20%. Has anyone experienced this? What can I do?

As you jelq more and more and get more expierence you will find out that you can kegel just as you are ending a jelq stroke and then pump some fresh blood into the bottom of the shaft so you can maintain a more engorged dick when jelqing. Jelqing takes time to master. What I mainly try to concentrate on is as I count and do each jelq stroke with each hand I try to consitently with good timing try to get the same slow pump feeling of the blood flowing up the shaft. I also for good measure will throw in 50-100 downword and upward jelq strokes to work all parts of the shaft. One thing I’ve learned is when you jelq upward, if done right you actually build a erection up, if you jelq straight down with a overhand OK grip you tend to lose a erection unless you got the timing of the strokes down. Hope this gives you some ideas and helps some… :)

Yeah I’ve been jelqing with an overhand OK grip and it’s been sort of pointed straight out/downward. Earlier I started kegeling at the end of each jelq and noticed that it does make a difference.

Keep reading and practicing. Don’t give up.

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