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I've started jelqing, could someone please explain something to me?

I've started jelqing, could someone please explain something to me?

So, I just started jelqing as a complement to my extender, and I have a few questions that I was hoping someone could explain to me.

Firstly, I read that LOT post like four times, and I still don’t understand exactly what this “tugback” is or how you would determine visually where the tugback stops.
Secondly, my penis shriveled up a bit after, despite being pretty warm. I understand that that’s not unusual at all, but does anyone have a reason (theoretical or proven) as to why that happens?
Thirdly, I am circumsized, but it was a very loose circumcision and I can move the skin around a whole lot. How do I stop that from interfering with blood movement when I jelq?

Forget about LOT, it was nothing more than a wrong hypothesis.

You can hold your skin the base, or even switch to dry jelqs. Your penis should be a bit more pumped after a jelqing session, if that doesn’t happens probably you are applying too much force. Ease up the grip.

Did you read the one where it says we ignore LOT these days? It was an interesting idea and provoked a lot of discussion but in the end it has been pretty much discarded.

It would be better if your penis hung fuller afterwards. Maybe you are doing too much or not doing it correctly.

The blood movement won’t be effected by your skin, the blood you are trying to move is under other stuff that isn’t loose.

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Are you sure about that? What happened was I jelqed for a while, and it definitely looked much fuller than normal when it got softish. But then I masturbated, and afterwards it was about as small as it was earlier this morning. I’ve seen other members on the site say that it’s perfectly normal.

Thanks for the advice, btw.

EDIT: Also, what angle should I stretch at, then?

Stressed or injured tissue tends to contract for a while, it’s normal.

Whether or not it’s desirable is another question but it at least shows that you had an effect so scale back the intensity a bit and see how you respond.

Some guys do well with higher stress less frequently while others do well with less stress more often.

Makes sense to start with less.

I have a lot of loose skin on my circumsized dick (I have a significant turkey neck). I find that if I jelq with my palm up (facing away from my scrotum) I get better results. Also, if I use lubrication or a loation it seems to be more productive.

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