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I've lost EQ and i'm worried, please help

I've lost EQ and i'm worried, please help

Hey everyone I really should have written this post a couple of months ago.
Ok first off I have had a bad case of social anxiety for about 2 years, but I started the newbie routine last September and started getting massively rock hard erections so it makes me wonder if the low EQ has anything or nothing to do with the anxiety, 6 months after starting I started gaining, so from march until about may I had good gains and still rock hard.

My routine was 5 minutes stretching, 10 minutes dry jelq with a warm up before and after exercises.

So in May I did about 2 weeks work away in London for my Dad, which meant I could not do any exercises at all because I had to share a room with him at his friends/boss’ house. After the 2 weeks I got home and thats when the weak erections started, I could only get it up to about 70%. I started the newbie routine again and after about a month nothing had changed, so I notched up my routine to 10 minutes upwards stretching, 15 - 20 minutes dry jelqing and kegling, but I only warm up before, not after.

Well now its August and I can sometimes get my erection to 80% maximum. I would be so greatfull if you guys could try and help me get me back on track again, Thanks

Its 1 in the morning and i’m pretty exhausted so if i’ve missed anything out that you need to know just ask

Maybe I need to do girth exercises to increase my smooth muscle, or maybe I’m undertraining from sticking to the same routine? just a couple of ideas

Do you think it could be the anxiety thing sneaking up on you?

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You stated that you were having good, rock hard erections prior to going away in May to do this work where you stayed with your Dad’s friend who happened to be the boss.

You don’t state what you did during that time, if anything. It seems odd that you would go from good EQ while doing the routine to poor EQ after taking a bit of a break. I think in order for the guys to really help you Candula, they are going to need more information.

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I’m never one to rule out a physical cause, but with any luck it is mental.

I have an addictive personality - if I get into something and stop, it will really effect me, depression will hit me etc. Maybe since you couldn’t PE, you felt nervous, frustrated, disheartened and this compounded your anxiety, causing poor erections.

However, if it has been happening for some time … Try and pinpoint any possible physical problems. Does your penis look the same? How does it feel? Can you still kegel? Is it warm and the flaccid nice and ‘loose’?

Hey, thanks for the replies, I really have no idea what’s causing it, my flaccid is about a quater size less then it was when I was able to get rock hard, but I have to say I have only overtrained once ages ago and it caused my flaccid to completely shrink and I could only get it up to about 60%, I took a week off and everything went back to normal again. So I don’t think I have overtrained because my flaccid has not completely shrunk But is about a quater size less.

I’m having no other other physical problems like pain or anything at all……Hmmmmm

The only causes I can think of is anxiety related, or I have stuck to the same routine for too long but just doubled the amount of exercise, or because I have only been jelqing at a low erection the tunica has grown more then the smooth muscle which means I need to do girth work so the smooth muscle can reach the tunica. I can’t believe this is happening to me when i’m 18

Any other thoughts? I’m dying here

Are you taking anti-depressants or such, Candula?

No i’m not taking any medication….yet, my doctor thinks I should start taking some soon

I think your bad EQ has little to do with PE. Forget about smooth muscle lack respect to TA, when you stress your TA you stress smooth muscle also, so they grow-up together - that’s why hangers and stretchers have often girth gains without any girth exercise.

I think your anxiety is the guilty; probably you’re tired, also. Anxiety get worst in the summer, and blood-pressure also goes down so EQ is affected. Intense length work can affect erection, also, because tunica loose temporarily his elasticity.

Mental and physical rest is the best advice for you, IMO.

I would say see a doc and be evaluated, but on the whole when it comes to erectile issues they are usless. If you are sure your penis hasnt been at all bent/has the symptoms of something relatively easily diagnosable like peyronies, a doc is probably a waste of money at this point

Rest up, try to relax, maybe try some supplements like cialis to promote nocturnal erections and a faster recovery.

Candula, why don’t you try this.

For one week, don’t touch your dick except to piss and wash. Don’t think about your dick. Don’t do any PE. Don’t look at porn. Don’t worry about it.

I bet after a few days you will see morning wood. Don’t touch it.

I think the combination of stressing about your EQ and constantly checking for EQ is screwing you up.

God’s engineering of the penis is an amazing thing. It will come back.

Thanks a lot for the information and advice everyone, I will take a week off and see what happens, I will get back to you with the results


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