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I've got questions, you've got answers.

I've got questions, you've got answers.

My dick curves down, but it’s not like a gradual curve like a banana.. It has a “kink” in the middle.. From the shaft to the middle it goes up, then from the middle to the glans it goes down.. Probably a 30% curve. I don’t THINK it’s peyronises’.. It’s been like this as long as I can remember and no pain or worsening that I can recall.. No hard plaque..

Anyway, it’s almost as if my corpus cavernosum urethra is too short compared to the other ligs and pulls my dick downward. Interestingly enough when I have an erection I can use my hand and bend where the kink is and make my dick to be perfectly straight even when hard.

The reason this bothers me so much is because I gain about an inch in length if it were straight.

Any ideas on why this is, could my corpus cavernosum urethra really be shorter? Could I correct it with jelqing and stretching?

Could I maybe correct it with a vacuum pump? Attached below is the study done on people with peyronise’s disease whom had their curve corrected significantly with vacuum pumping. But of course I don’t think I have peyronises.. Although in the study they mention subjects who had “soft plaque” instead of hard plaque, which of course would be unrecognizable. Maybe worth a shot?



1) I notice if I stretch before jelqing, I’m quite sore. Can I split up my routine and stretch in the morning, jelq at night without any hindering of gains?

2) 2 days 1 off OR 5 days 2 off — where have you had more success ?

If the curve is bothering you; you should see a specialist. Like you say if it were straight you would gain an inch. Good Luck.

Always be cool.

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