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I've got a question

I've got a question

Alright, so I started PE about 10 days ago. I haven’t invested much time into it (hurt myself on the third day!), and so far I’ve really only been doing the jelq squeeze thing. Anyway, I started at 6.0” NBPEL (assuming I know how to measure correctly) and now it seems to have increased to 6.5” NBPEL. Is this rate of expansion normal?

I’m happy with my gains in length (I would like more, of course — who wouldn’t?), but the girth doesn’t seem to have increased.. So, now my little one-eyed friend is looking just a little bit anorexic. What exercises do you guys do for girth? And what’s the average girth for 6.5” length?

Also, what’s the difference between bone-pressed and non-bone-pressed when measuring? I’d just like to make sure I’m doing things right.

How did you hurt yourself? Is it still hurting? .5 inch gain in ten days would probably be the quickest gain here Im aware of, some members have taken a year to gain that. Could well be better erection quality.

If it’s ok and your PI’s are good I suggest you focus on length first. Jelqing will give you girth as you go along anyway.

Bone pressed is the ruler pressed down to your pubic bone when measuring on the top of your penis, NBP is measuring from the base without applying pressure. NBP is what women see, BP is better for measuring, erections are notoriously temperamental. BP is longer too as you are also measuring your “fat pad” or at least some of it.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Reiterating what Lord Harris said —

Bone Pressed = measuring from the top of your penis, press the end of the ruler against your pubic bone. BPEL is a “scientific” measurement — its purpose is to eliminate the variable of your fat pad, thereby measuring penis only. That way you can track the results of your PE program, modifying as needed.

Since BPEL is for tracking, the only thing you really have to worry about is doing it consistently — the same way every time you measure.

Non Bone Pressed = to me that is a worthless measurement in terms of PE. It only tells you about your fat pad. And your fat pad can vary on a daily basis. Sometimes mine is 1/3 of an inch. Some times it is a 1/2 an inch. It can vary depending on how much water you drank, how many salty snacks you ate, is it hot out, etc.

In a way NBPEL is the measurement you would tell somebody in the “real world” if you were telling people the size of your penis. Personally that topic never comes up in my conversations!

Guys have different ways of measuring NBPEL. Some from the top like BPEL, only not pressing the ruler in.

Others have a different approach to it. Tazbonito measures his NBPEL from the side. Stand in front of a mirror and turn to the side. Measure your visible penis with the ruler from the side. I think there is something to this approach, as that is the viewpoint that a new sexual partner will have. She will most likely see you from the front, side, or bottom initially. Seldom are you seen first from the top.

Routine - maybe the standard Thundersplace newbie routine is too much for you. Some guys (like me) do better with something lighter. Take a look at this newbie routine. I did something similar when I first started:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

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