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I've finally come out of the darkness

I've finally come out of the darkness

I’ve been a member of the forums for quite some time now, constantly reading, and learning from others experiences. I have previous experience with PEing from some source of lesser quality than thunders I stopped due to the baseball effect that I was gaining due to be misinformed. I realized a little while ago (with knowledge learned here) that this problem occurred due to not being able to control the level of my erection effectively thus causing uneven pressure in the tissues through the inadequate jelq stroke.

So my goals for now are to acquire an even girth through the whole shaft and also increase the girth of the glans. Then after achieving that continue on my previous goals. With my current final goals being 8x6 and maybe 8.5x6.5 if I manage to stay dedicated long enough. I can’t get my current length & girth because right now my penis doesn’t seem to be cooperating with me but then again I haven’t slept in about two days so it’s not that surprising really. But they should be roughly around 7 ELPB 5.750 EG. I plan on using the newbie routine for regular upkeep and then slowly making it more intensive.

Right now I’m interested in base girth and glans girth specific exercises. From what I’ve read hanging seems to be the way to go for girth lengths and so I’m interested in the Captn’s Wench for hanging. But I’m rather stumped on the most effective way to gain glans girth because of it’s unique composition compared to the rest of the penis eg: it being primarily made from the CS and then beneath it the tip of the CC while the shaft is made up primarily of the CC (as visible in: Generally during an erection my glans and CS don’t engorge as much as my CC so that doesn’t help with the visual aesthetics. So I was wondering what the most effective way would to increase the CC beneath the CS.

Any thoughts, suggestions, on my desires and questions for additional information would be much appreciated.


Welcome to the forum McDonaldo, You should have no trouble reaching your goals as long as you are careful and persistant. There are quite a few exercises to even out the baseball bat effect, but it will take time and plenty of heat :)

Good luck with your goals :)

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

I think hanging or using an extender will increase your base girth and your glans, at least it did for me.

I also think that keegels might help.

Ya stretching will increase base girth. You could even try the Reverse Trap Jelqs. Those have helped me get rid of the baseball bat effect. As for girth, I’ve been doing the 3-stage trapping exercise and I’m amazed at my head size now. It’s also a pretty damn good girth exercise.

Originally Posted by wohoo19m
You could even try the Reverse Trap Jelqs

Anybody have any information on these didn’t seem to get anyhits with the search feature.

Also it appears that my head girth is bigger than my shaft however it doesn’t stay engorged to the level that it is visible.
Kegeling should improve this correct?


What are reverse trap jelqs? I have never heard of them, lol.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Also look into wrapping for girth mcdonaldo, you can build some intense pressure on the shaft that way I’ve learned.

Any recommendations on keeping the cs/glans engorged? Also I have problems not getting completely aroused during PEing during stretching or jelqing best methods to conteract this?

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