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I've done some reading but still questions remain.

I've done some reading but still questions remain.

Hello all. I think that I’m going to start the newbie routine soon, I’m still left wondering a few things, though. Could someone give me a summary of how exactly our penis might gain girth from these exercises? I think that I kind of get how length gains work; you’re basically pulling some of the “hidden” penis out and hoping that it stays, right? How does it work for girth? I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of any girth gains actually “cementing”. It seems like I’d basically just be bruising my penis and causing swelling, how would this turn into something long term? Must one continuously maintain a swollen state through these exercises? I’m also wondering if any length gains might give me a smaller girth, seeing as how the penis is kind of stretching, would it not narrow your penis some? My length is actually too long sometimes but I’ve got an average girth. Without pushing the ruler against the bone or doing anything else to maximize results, I’ve got a 7.0”/4.8” penis. With girth being measured at the middle of the shaft, it’s a bit thicker at the base but the base doesn’t always get to see action! My point is, I’m looking for girth only. Can someone explain girth gains to me? Thanks for any replies.

I don’t want to be an as***le, but I don’t think you have searched that much, honestly.

Give this a read, jirl.


Thank you.

I have another suggestion for you, jirl. When you measure yourself for length, press the ruler as far in as possible. You get a more accurate reading that way.

There’s a book out there called “Exercising the Penis”, I found it really good and cover almost (if not all) your questions! And it’s not that expensive. Look up on Amazon!

Girth seems to be harder to get thought. Good luck!

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