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I've been gone for awhile, now what?

I've been gone for awhile, now what?

Well, I had been off of this site and off PE for awhile when I decided to measure. 7 non bone pressed (7.7-8ish bp) by 5.615 eg. Now, this is considerably longer, but also considerably skinnier then I was when last I measured. I drifted off the site first and then drifted off PE in general a little later, so I’ve probably been off PE for nearly a year. I would love to gain a bit more in both areas and back to my old girth, but should I really go through the whole start-up process again ? From what I understand my stats are pretty good so it’s not a confidence thing, but rather just that old quest for the 8 x 6.

Wow you already have an amazing size, if you have been off a year you are probably completely de-conditioned, I would take it slow at first just to be safe and keep things going smoothly.

What kind of routine was you doing before you quit PE?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG


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