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It's true, clamping yields exceptional girth gains quickly


Originally Posted by ticktickticker
Og6 - why do you want to discourage the guy?

You are not a hard-gainer by any chance? :)

Well is this board more for encouraging each other or spreading good information? If it’s the latter then I think my post was necessary in a thread like this, both for the OP and other hopeful newbies :)

It’s all good, man. I think it’s smart for people to have realistic expectations, but I have to reiterate my original claim that clamping really does the trick. I haven’t jelqued or stretched or really touched my unit in over a week since my last clamping session and now my erect girth is 1/2” bigger than before clamping!

Congrats 46and2, I think something similar occurred with Bird2..:up:

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Thanks! I am very pleased with the gains I’ve made in such a short time period. For years I have been sad about the size of my unit. I was even seriously considering the surgery option. So happy that I stumbled across this web site!

Originally Posted by 46and2
My first session was very short at only 5 minutes. I really just wanted to see how it worked and what it felt like. It took a few tries to get the clamp and mouse pad material positioned satisfactorily. It was kind of a surprise to me that there wasn’t as much discomfort as I had thought there would be. For both of my sessions I got the hardest erection that I could maintain and slowly clicked the cable clamp as close to the base of my penile shaft as I could and then I kegeled as much blood into my unit as I could. During each extreme kegel I would carefully click the cable clamp to another notch. When I got to the point where it was not possible to click the clamp another notch I just continued to kegel as hard as for as long of a duration as I could until the 10 minutes were up. My second clamping session was a bit more intense in that I clamped two times for 10 minutes each. After the first 10 minutes I loosened the clamp and lightly jelqued in order to circulate the blood in my unit. I did this for about a minute, then I started the 2nd 10 minute part of the session.

That seems like some pretty intense clamping. Or is this not? Do a lot of you clamp in this way? I guess I am kind of chicken, I just try to get as hard as I can and keep edging. I wouldn’t say it turns dark purple, just a darker color in general. I am yet to close the clamp until it can go no further, maybe I should use a mouse pad instead of elastic part of a sock. Anyone else clamp this way, safe?

I’m sure that it was too intense for a beginner but after doing *a*lot* of research on this here forum I knew that to get real girth gains that you have to really push the limits of the tunica.


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