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It's time to start

It's time to start

So I joined this community some time back, and I’ve been reading and thinking about starting and now I am. I read so much I believe I have made things more complex then they need to be. I would always read less is more and then others that would say more is better. I’ve looked at this form and another called and the two clash of styles have confused me. On that site he believes of going 7 days with no rest and on here it’s 2 to 3 days on and a rest day for the newbie routine. My gut tells me that rest days are needed so I have decide to go with 2 days on 1 off. I found myself thinking this is too good to be true, and for every 100 good things I found, if I found 1 negative thing it would make me think is this all fake? I also find that many people start this journey but quickly give up. I kinda look at it like getting a six-pack, people know how to get it but most don’t have it. I was also afraid that if I started and conditioned my dick too much to soon I would never gain which stop me from starting. But just sitting and thinking will get me nowhere, so here I am about to start and I am excited at the gains I know I can get. I would like to keep a log of all I do, in hopes of helping other that have trouble starting or getting gains.

On my first night I did:
5 min warm up
10 min manual stretching
5 min jelq
50 kegel
5 min warm down

After the 10 mins of stretching my EQ was better then it usually is, but after jelq it wasn’t like that. From what I’ve read it is the jelq that gives you better EQ. Maybe it is cause I still don’t get the jelq. I’ve read that you should feel “fuller” after a jelq workout but I didn’t get that. I do dry jelqs and it could be cause I don’t apply enough pressure, or my grip is bad I’m not sure yet. I have also found that being uncut sucks for P.E and that has also given me trouble is starting this journey.

Day 2
Same routine:

After the stretching my EQ wasn’t better like the night before and after the jelq didn’t get the full felling either. Now I did it late at night this time so my EQ could of just been down cause I was tired, or I’m doing too much, or doing it wrong.

My BPEL is 6 3/4
My El is 6.5

My first goal is BPEL of 7 and in 3 months I hope I can get this.

It’s about time you started, sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith. Too much thinking about PE is overrated, actually doing it works much better. Your routine is fine to start with and just experiment as you go and make minor adjustments that work for you. Try for 5 days on and 2 off and if you need another day off because your dick is tired than take it because your dick will be there tomorrow. You may want to switch the jelq to 10 and the stretching to 5 or maybe alternate days short and long.

Don’t you wish you started on 06, you may have gained an inch or more by now:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Ha I bet your right, but at the time I was 18 and pretty immature to this whole thing. I never stuck with a routine and just gave up for a bit, I also didn’t pull the forskin back when I stretched or jelq, and I feel you must do that when your uncut to achieve anything.

Stick with it, I kind of pissed around for a year or two not sticking to a routine. If I do I’m sure I can make some sick gains, I’m really hard on my dick. STICK WITH IT, or it’s a waste of your effort.

Trust me I will, mindset is a huge part I think of having any success at this

Originally Posted by Big-Dreams
Trust me I will, mindset is a huge part I think of having any success at this

Mindset is everything!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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