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>I also noticed that with manual stretching there is a large potential for error just make sure you are pulling right otherwise you are just wasting your time.<

So true but worth the effort.

>Are there any other girth workouts I could do in my second month of PE or should I just stick to the routine for the prescribed 3 month?<

Are you noticing the changes to your penis yet in terms of larger veins and a tougher feel generally? This really happens at a great rate in the first 2-3 months. You could carefully add girth exercises but in this early period you are way more likely to injure yourself, even if you take immense care. You’ve found what works and you will kick yourself if you modify and gains slow.

There’s also a theory that gaining length before gaining girth is easier (rubber band theory). I don’t buy this theory but I don’t think you should explore other options (like using girth work to encourage length) until you max out your length gains.

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Honestly I don’t know weather or not my my firmness has increased but based on that I am going to just stick with just jelqing for another month and hopefully I notice some girth gains in by march. Can’t risk injury at this point period. In the meantime I am going to further research girth exercises. Any recommendations on low risk effective exercises?

In 2 weeks I think I will up my jelqing to 500.

>Any recommendations on low risk effective exercises? <

The ULI#3 is probably the lowest risk, then there’s the Jelq Squeeze with more and Horse440 with more still. The Sadsak Slinky is higher risk still. Once you get involved with clamps the risks go up again.

By the time you have some more PE under your belt, I’m sure you’ll be able to weight the risks with the possible rewards.

I quite like the Sadsak Head Exercise too (or a mod of it).

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