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Its Been a while ...

Its Been a while ...

Actually, I came across Tom’s site a few years ago (1999, i think), back before there was any type of forum. I lost and found it a few times since then …. I’d thot it was gone for good.

When I first found it, I tried Tom’s technique’s. I was not religious about my measuring. I’m certain my gains were more than 1.5” and less than 2”. I’m pretty confident that i gained about 1.75 inches.

I found this place a short while back, and am just now joining to participate.

I just wanted to say that I am truly amazed at what continued from the sites I saw (and ‘grew’ from) so very long ago.

The confidence it must take to do what you do, and say what you say, and post it all here …. you men are amazing.

I appreciate being here.


Welcome to the board, Everlong!

About how long did you do PE, and do you plan to start again?

Welcome back Everlong,

Even for me, I can recall about 2.5 years ago when I first discovered the pub14ezboardforum. All of us and PE have come a long way since then. Looking forward to having you post.


How long ...

It was about three to four months

heavy weights.

At first it was a bad version of wrapping a sock around behind the head and ropes and rubber bands and S- hooks and … blah blah … nobody wants to go there … (it was a bad version of Tom’s great ideas)

Shortly thereafter it was the swimcap, and it stayed swimcap untill I stopped.

8 to 15 pounds @ 15 to 30 minutes duration ( tho Tom responsibly advised not to go past 15 mimutes) depending on comfort. I once went 1 hour @ 10lbs., swinging frequently. I don’t feel that was a safe decision, and I feel I was lucky to not have suffered a serious consequence.

I played with pipe insulation. It did not work for me, though I would like a concept like that, that did work.

Yes, actually I have started again. I’ve been trying some ideas I’ve had.

Yes, I have found the links.

That you guys have save and archived this is amazing. It is confident, it is self-assured, and it is monumental.

Though we are all building the bigger, better penis, anyone and everyone who participates here already has balls the size of Rome.

You guys really impress me with your honesty.

I’m proud to be here,


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