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Its been a while - something happend to me today!


Originally Posted by a-unit
Remember, this is a gender that despises men watching porn, yet buys 50 shades of grey openly and on display at the local book shop.

Metamorpho, getting too caught up in the 4” backhand game can be difficult. My wife found this site open on the desktop once and I was frank with her about my feelings of size and my exes constant hurtful comments, and she understood and hasn’t brought it up since.

I suggest you have an adult conversation with your wife about how important this all is to you and that, as much as it may be funny to her occasionally, it’s not for you, especially when you want so much to please her.

This may be enough to have her see that her comments could be painful, but you may just have resort to wife rape!

But seriously, her role playing may need a little pain to get going, and a frank conversation with her about this will most likely bring you closer.

I may have to have one more conversation. If she ever does it again. I think I got the point across without having to be too blunt and shoving the damn dick down her throat! She’s a little more observant than I give her credit for most of the time. Probably because their heads are screwed on differently. haha

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Originally Posted by Audacia

Think quite a few women not just asian, try to emasculate men when they can to test them how secure they are.

Originally Posted by digipenis
That’s the first time I’ve seen that. Why would a woman want to make that test?

In theory I guess it’s because many women like a strong man naturally, mentally and physically. If she can take advantage and see he’s not very alpha she’ll lose some respect for him. If she’s into wearing the pants she’ll continue doing so, if she needs a guy to take control she’ll go searching for him elsewhere. Either way having a female dominating in a relationship isn’t right for most men’s ego’s. The insulting of a mans penis is one major way to test things, but they have to do it subtlety.

Perhaps a-unit or someone older can confirm this. But haha yeah reading through this site to much we could probably lose perspective and hate women. They do have good sides too, not all are bitches but surprisingly many do have hidden depths we’re not totally aware of.

But I guess there is nothing worse then a middle age women they could be real bitches lol. It’s funny they lost there look and now they really don’t have much going for them. I ran into one a the gym today they have an area that is just for circuit training its 30min to go from machine to machine. She figured she is better then everyone else decided to work out on my next station and just hang there doing sets. Oh I wasn’t nice at all I couldn’t help it they think they could break the rules every rule.

I was at a night club once and talking to two girls one was a friend of mine one was her girl friend. Her girl friend was ok but not great looking but I had a few beers and we started making out. She said to me “I only go with men that have 8-iches or bigger are you at least 8-inches?” Wow I didn’t expect it since we were just kissing and she was feeling me a big and I was feeling her. I was stunned but I had a good come back I asked her why is do you have big old sloppy pussy? I like to date girls who are nice an tight. It was funny seeing the look on her face she didn’t expect that and she quickly said she is tight lol.

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