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It's a tribal thing.

It's a tribal thing.

The practice of penis enlargement is mentioned all over the net, often referring to tribes such as the Caramoja tribe of northern Uganda which tie a weight on the end of their penises to elongate them - sometimes to such a degree that the men literally have to knot them up. I wonder.. Can these guys get erections!? It’s interesting.. Is the penis still useful at this stage of extreme penis enlargement?

Tribal PE

Just reading through this, get this:

1. The Topinama of Brazil

Most likely a made up tribe. Complete absence of any non PE online references.

The Topinama of Brazil (Talalaj & Talalaj, 1994) in the sixteenth century would significantly enlarge their penis by encouraging poisonous snakes to bite their penis. They were in pain for approximately six months but the men felt the pain was worth the sacrifice. At the end of the six months the men had a monstrous sized penis that delighted their women.

crazy if real

The region around Lake Rudolf, the Chalbi Desert, part of the Great Rift Valley that stretches from Jordan in Asia to Mozambique in south east Africa, is inhabited by the Turkana people, akin to the Masai, those lean, spear-wielding Nilotic pastoralists so beloved of photographers. The Turkana men are famed for the great size of their penises, Holden said, and once when he was escorting a mixed party of tourists along Lake Rudolf, they spied a lone, naked Turkana standing waist deep, casting his net. When he saw them, he approached, wading out of the lake, his long penis dangling. The ladies giggled at the sight. Offended, the Turkana asked the men “Doesn’t a white man’s shrivel up when he’s in the water too?”


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