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The red spots that people describe that put people out of PE’ing for a while. ARE they itchy or what?

Also, is it ok to wash your member with soap after a workout or will that just dry out and prevent the skin from expanding, and making gains?

Hey Jelqist!

The red spots guys talk about from PE are tiny burst capillaries caused from using a bit too much force when jelqing or squeezing. They are not normally itchy and usually disappear in a couple of days. Do you have itchy red spots?

Washing your willy after a workout is not a bad thing! It won’t hinder your gains but if you’re concerned that your skin may dry out rub a little sorbolene or vitamin E cream into him to keep the skin soft and moisturized. Keep Mr Happy happy! :)

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The drying out thing is a result of basically grinding it the soap into the skin via jelqing, which you don’t want to do. Just using to wash the area won’t make it incredibly dry. Although it does take some natural oil from your skin (usually). If dryness is an issue, consider moisturizing soaps like Dove or something. I at times have a small flair-up of psoriasis on my back in the winter and use Dove then to keep my skin from drying out. It does a great job. Along with not too much hot water (this also drys out the skin by removing oils).

Cheers guys!

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